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Piles treatments,causes and symptoms

Piles treatments,causes and symptoms

Piles treatments,causes and symptoms

Piles or hemorrhoids are swelling that develop around and inside the anal canal.there are many ways of piles treatment like home remedies,medicines and natural ways etc.

What is piles?

In other words, piles are a collection of inflamed tissue in the rectum that contains elastic fibers, muscles, support tissue, and blood vessels. People, once in their lifetime experience piles. It is not one of those lethal medical complexities but can prove to be annoying and frustrating. In most cases, Piles treatment include natural home remedies and the doctors at RG Stone suggest treating it as early as possible because if it spreads, it can make your life miserable. 

Piles(hemorrhoids) causes and treatment

What Causes Piles?

While the presence of is a sign of normal human anatomy, most care professionals refer to hemorrhoids as an unusual finding because they only appear when they swell up and cause problems. 

The swelling occurs when excess pressure is applied in the small vessels causing the hemorrhoids to swell up and engorged with blood. This causes hemorrhoids Piles to increase in size leading to symptoms. 

  • Smaller caliber stool and low-fiber diet cause an individual to strain while having a bowel movement. This increases the pressure within the blood vessels.
  • Prolonged sitting on the toilet also increases the pressure within blood vessels
  • Pregnancy is another reason related to hemorrhoid swelling. This is possibly due to the excess pressure of the enlarged uterus on the rectum. 
  • Acute and chronic diarrhea 
  • Obesity
  • Colon cancer
  • Constant heavy lifting 
  • Sedentary lifestyle 

What are The Symptoms of Piles? How are Piles Diagnosed?

Piles are the most common cause of anal and rectal complaints. The symptoms of piles include:

  • The area around the anus becomes sore and red 
  • Formation of hard lump around the anus 
  • Mucous discharge from the anus 
  • Anal itching 
  • Painful swelling 
  • Pain during bowel movements 
  • Bright red bleeding from the anus 

Diagnosis of Piles

If your doctor suspects you have piles, he/she will perform a physical examination of your rectum to diagnose hemorrhoids. Your doctor may also perform a digital anal exam to check any signs of piles within the anus before opting for the suitable Piles treatment.

However, if the diagnostic reports are not clear, your doctor may also perform further tests including sigmoidoscopy where a small tube carrying a small fiber optic camera is inserted into the rectum for diagnosing internal hemorrhoids. This diagnostic procedure provides a comprehensible examination of the inside of your rectum and shows the abnormalities (if any) within the rectum. Other tests include colonoscopy, proctoscopy, and anoscopy which can clearly display internal hemorrhoids

Piles treatment at home

Piles or Hemorrhoids is the collection of the inflamed and swollen veins. Painful swelling or lump near the anus, itching and soreness around the anus, red bright blood in stool and pain during bowel movements, these are some symptoms by which you can know that you are suffering from piles.

Home remedies for Piles treatment

There are some home treatments for piles that can help you in relieving symptoms like-

1.     Best medicine for piles is to change your sedentary lifestyle and eat high fiber food like cucumber, papaya, tomato, pear, sprouts, etc.

2.     Use one spoon TRIFALA powder with water before going to bed.

3.     Take one spoon ISABGHOL with water half an hour after meals.

4.     Keep the anal area clean with warm water to maintain hygiene.

5.     Do sitz bath regularly that can help you in relieving anorectal complaints like piles and fissure.

6.     Avoid straining while passing stool because it affects the veins and blood maybe come in the stool.

7.     Regular walking or exercise for at least half an hour daily will help you a lot.

8.     Avoid overeating that can cause diarrhea or inflammatory bowel disease.

9.     You can also take homeopathic medicine for piles in early symptoms or diagnosis.

10.   Don’t lift heavy objects or avoid over lifting.

11.   Stop using smartphones and reading newspaper while sitting on the toilet.

12.   Avoid drinking too much coffee as it can also causes dehydration and irritate your bowel movement.

13.   There are so many creams and ointment for piles that can help you in relieving pain but under doctor’s guidance.

14.    Stop controlling or not answering your stool habits can increase your complaints of piles.

By doing above things, you can control piles at home in a natural way.

Best natural medicine for piles

For a quick fix, the best medicine for piles is to use some of the most effective natural ways to cure hemorrhoids. If you do not understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle or diet then it is best to try some natural remedies before visiting your doctor for medical treatment.

First of all, hemorrhoids are not only caused by piles but also other reasons like constipation, obesity, pregnancy, obesity, and even an unhealthy lifestyle. To get rid of piles completely, you need to remove the root causes of piles. So, there are many natural medicines for piles available in India that effectively eliminate anorectal veins, lumps, fistulas, and rectal tears without any surgical treatment & pain.

The best natural medicines for piles are made of herbs and plants. These herbs can be combined and applied to the affected areas in a paste form. These herbs include Aloe Vera, cumin, sage, and calendula to name a few. The essential oils of these herbs can also be used as a treatment for hemorrhoids.

These medicines do not harm your body as these medicines are made of natural ingredients. You just need to make sure that you take them at least two times a day for maximum benefits. For instance, if you are taking tea tree oil as a medicine for piles then you should consume tea tree oil in the morning and again in the evening.

The herbs and plants are very important because they promote good health. They provide a lot of nutrients and vitamins in the body to maintain good health. They also detoxify the body.

The best part about these herbs is that they are very simple to use. They also provide fast results. And they are not expensive at all. You can purchase these medicines from herbal stores or you can buy it online from an online medicine store and get it delivered to your home without any hassle.

If you do not want to use any medicines then there are other options. One of the effective options is to take some herbal remedies from the market. There are many herbal remedies available on the market that can help you cure hemorrhoids permanently without any side effects. All you need is to make sure that you buy a good herbal remedy that can help you eliminate hemorrhoids in a short span of time.

It is always better to get rid of hemorrhoids from the roots. In this case, you should start with a healthy lifestyle and diet and try some of the most effective medicines that can give you quick relief from hemorrhoids(bawaseer). You can get instant relief from your hemorrhoids with natural medicines.

There are some creams and ointments that can be used to relieve your piles. If you can reduce the frequency of standing, then you will be able to get instant relief from your hemorrhoids.

Warm water is one of the best ways of treating your piles. The water should be applied to your buttock and then you can sit in the water for some time. The hot water will reduce the blood circulation to the affected area.

The best way to get rid of hemorrhoids(Bawaseer) naturally is by exercising. If you can take a proper diet and exercise then your chance of getting hemorrhoids will be reduced drastically. So now you know how to get rid of piles permanently without any side effects. So, go for natural remedies now and get rid of hemorrhoids fast.

Ayurveda for piles treatment

Based on BN Sinha, Ayurveda Expert, the only reason behind heaps is constipation.  It's more prevalent among people that are involved in tasks that require sitting for extended hours.  Individuals who don't indulge in any kind of exercise and motion of their human body are prone to heaps, BN Sinha considers. Ayureasy has written in detail about piles treatment in Ayurveda. 

Home cures which work as wonders and May help enhance one's state obviously, in 2-3 months:

1) Triphala Powder -- As stated earlier, constipation is a significant cause for heaps, triphala powder has to be taken frequently to eliminate constipation and thus prevent heaps from growing.

The way to use this fixing?  BN Sinha proposes taking 4 g of triphala powder each evening before going to bed, even in warm water.  It functions like magic though one is routine in its ingestion.

2 ) Castor Oil -- Castor oil contains broad ranging properties such as anti-oxidant rich, antifungal, antifungal and anti inflammatory.  Consequently this ingredient has got the capability to lower the size of these piles and decrease pain from the person.

BN Sinha recommends carrying 3ml of castor oil milk nightly.  It might also be implemented in the affected region.  Topical application and normal ingestion, works nicely to relieve the symptoms and symptoms of heaps.

3) No Heavy Food at Dinner- Our dietary customs are frequently the root cause of a lot of the health problems we're confronting now.  Elimination of piles needs you to consume foods which would decrease constipation, that's the number one cause for heaps, and decrease pain.  An individual needs to be certain not to consume food products which include an excessive amount of fiber. 

Fiber has majority formation capabilities.  Hence it has to be avoided.  In the same way, a lot of stimulants cause loose feces, which might lead to distress if you have been suffering in piles.  Deep fried foods hurts hemorrhoids farther.  They slow down the digestive tract resulting in irregular bowl motion and increasing inflammation.  This causes more annoyance and aggravation.  Aside from food that is heavy, hot food is a large no-no too.  Particularly in the event of bleeding piles, then they also create excruciating pain and thus must be averted. Piles treatment in Ayurveda can help patient at great extent.

4) Increase in Water consumption - This is the easiest strategy to heal piles.Getting 8-10 glasses of water every day, create one's digestive system easy also modulates it.  It's frequently stated that prevention is far much better than cure, why don't you benefit from the easy approach and live a healthy lifestyle

Herbal remedies for piles

Aloe Vera juice is most recommended for those having diarrhea, indigestion & stomach pain etc. This natural herb is also a great herbal home cure for piles & constipation as well. To make juice from the root, simply take fresh leaves from the aloe Vera plant and then extract out the gel with a juicer attachment. Drink it twice a day.

Another herbal remedy is called Pak Choi. This is known to stimulate the bowels. You just have to mix it in with the rice, stir and drink it daily.

Greenback is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. You may buy this herb either fresh or dried. Mix it with water and add some lemon juice. You will definitely feel an improvement in your constipation & constipation relief by drinking this herb.

You may ask why would a doctor prescribe pills(bawaseer) when there is no need to do so? The answer is simple. Pills work by suppressing your digestive system, which results in excess waste materials sticking to the walls of your intestines, thus preventing the flow of digestive juices and causing toxins.

Natural herbs are proven to be safer than pills because they do not affect the body's normal functioning. When you take herbs you also get to eat real food, which helps you in getting the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

Other herbal home remedies for Piles(bawaseer) are: Indian Gooseberry, Black Cohos, Wild Yam, Licorice Root, Garlic and Wild Thyme. All of these herbs are used in traditional Indian medicines. When combined in the right proportions, herbs for Piles treatment act as a natural laxative, thus encouraging your bowel movement. These herbs help you in digestion.

These home remedies for Piles have worked for millions of people who used them for many years. They are affordable and can even be prepared at your own home, as long as you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If you have problems with constipation and/or bowel movement, then try herbal remedies for Piles.

Herbal medicine for Piles are usually herbal blends. They are safe for everyone - even if you have a heart condition.

Natural home remedies for piles are usually very effective. Herbal supplements are natural products. Herbs can be purchased from herbalists. Herbal supplements are very effective.

Herbal remedies are proven to be very safe. Herbal supplements are usually very effective. Herbal supplements are generally very safe for everyone - even if you have a heart condition. Herbal supplements are available in the market without any prescription.

Herbal remedies are a natural solution to curing your constipation and bowel movement. Herbal supplements are available in the market without any prescription. Herbal supplements are very effective.

Herbs are safe. Herbal remedies are very inexpensive and can be bought over-the-counter. Herbal supplements are proven to be very effective.

Herbs are a natural solution to curing your constipation and bowel movement. Herbal supplements are very effective. Herbal supplements are generally very safe for everyone - even if you have a heart condition.

Top 6 remedies for piles at home

Piles are a typical condition among adults that can cause a lot of torment and uneasiness if left untreated. 

1. Warm baths

Sitting in a bathtub of warm water that is filled sufficiently only to cover the legs may ease the swelling and diminish irritation caused by piles. A few people also add natural ingredients to the water which helps in reducing the symptoms even further. These ingredients can be a measure of Epsom salts or apple cider vinegar. 

Other people add apple cider vinegar straightforwardly to the area, yet this may sting and irritate the swollen skin considerably more. It can be considered as painless piles treatment for all the people who are suffering from this issue. It doesn't have any side effects & help in reducing the pain.

2. Witch hazel 

People ought to be careful about what is put on or close piles, as they can quickly become more aggravated and disturbed. Numerous people apply witch hazel straightforwardly to the external piles to discover help. Ordinary witch hazel is an astringent, which is a substance that makes tissue shrink. It also has antioxidant and calming properties, as per look into in the Journal of Inflammation. Witch hazel is known to lessen wounding. 

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil, which is available anywhere in the world, is a natural lotion, which may also help with piles side effects. Applying coconut oil may decrease the irritation and swelling, and it might also reduce the scratch. There are many specialists for piles who also recommend to used coconut oil.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been utilized by numerous societies to treat an assortment of issues. As indicated by investigating in BioMed Research International, the plant has an anti-inflammatory impact on the body and may help heal wounds. Aloe may give relief from the consuming, tingling, and swelling caused by piles when connected to the anus. Purity is essential, as added substances and additives can exacerbate side effects. 

5. Ice packs

Applying ice or cold packs to the piles may also help ease agony and inflammation. Using an ice pack while situated or when the piles' flares can numb the pain and briefly to diminish swelling. People ought to make sure to wrap the ice in a little towel to avoid harm to the skin. Use the ice pack on for 15 minutes and rehash the procedure hourly. 

6. Over-the-counter medications

In situations where permanent cures are insufficient, or the pain is excessively extraordinary, over-the-counter medicines and creams may give some relief. If the pain is high, then visit piles clinic for immediate medication.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, for example, acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help. Applying creams to the skin that contain fixings, for example, hydrocortisone could give impermanent relief also.

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