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Tlp Construction of kala Bagh Dam and independence kashmir

  • Constitution of Pakistan
Tehreek-e-Labeek-e-Yarsolullah Pakistan has announced its 20-point election manifesto for the 2018 elections. The manifesto was announced by Allama Hafiz Khadim Hussain Rizvi of Tehreek-e-Labaaik Pakistan while addressing a press conference at Central Secretariat Lahore. According to which the Constitution of Pakistan and all laws will be brought in line with Shariah, a local panchayat system will be set up to reduce the burden of cases in the courts.

  • religious affairs

 Interference of anti-Islamic forces in religious affairs, politics, economy, education, social system, and all institutions and sectors will be stopped. A global Islamic bloc will be formed. It will be the legal responsibility of the state to meet all the basic needs of the people through the system of Zakat, Ushr, Kharaj and Jizyah, and other means.

  • Ministry

 A ministry will be set up under the title of commanding good and forbidding evil. A system of higher religious and moral education and training will be established by establishing free anchors in monasteries.

  • Industry
According to the pronouncement, the entire nation will be trained in all types of industry and trade. Farmers will be taught modern farming systems for economic prosperity. Basic religious education along with modern education will be made compulsory for military and civilian officials.
 The level of cities, settlements, and roads will be determined. The drainage system will be legislated. The width of roads and streets will be legislated. Crime will be eliminated through Islamic limits and punishments.

  • Kala Bagh Dam

 All necessary steps will be taken for the independence of Kashmir and the construction of Kala Bagh Dam and other water reservoirs. Women will be legally given their share of the inheritance. Religious and modern sciences and arts education will be required until matriculation.

The manifesto further said that mobile free dispensaries would provide door-to-door treatment to the people. An accountability system will be established. The people will be given great relief by establishing a transparent system of welfare at government and non-government levels.

  • Media

The media will be bound to offer solutions to religious, national, and national problems and to provide excellent intellectual, practical, and moral training to the people. The legislation will be enacted in the light of Islamic law for foreign affairs and trade with the United Nations. The government will play an important role in eliminating religious differences in the principles of religion.
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