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Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi talks about Hazrat Umme Ammara R.A

  • Dignity of Prophetﷺ
Iqbal says
"Brains thinks that will happen tomorrow how will I get money, But a lover of Prophetﷺ thinks about the honor and dignity of Prophetﷺ
Hazrat Umme Ammara first let her son, Hazrat Habib Bin Zaid be cut into pieces and then be burnt.
Mussaylimah Bin Kazzab seized Hazrat Habib Bin Zaid.
I read about 12 wounds of Hazrat Umme Ammara.
In Uhud, While defending Prophetﷺ Hazrat Umme Ammara got 80 wounds.
When the battle ended, Prophetﷺ said.
"Oh my blessed Companions, I saw Umme Ammara defending me from all directions."

Her two sons were also in the battle Habib and Abdullah. Her Husband Zaid was also in this battle. When she was told, The enemies had attacked Prophetﷺ. She set off from Madina to defend Prophetﷺ. Hazrat Umme Ammara is the mother of Muslims. Two sons and a husband, son Habib Bin Zaid get out into pieces. Mussaylimah  Kazzab imprisoned Habib Bin Zaid. He asked from Habib," Do you testify that I am Allah's Prophet?"
Habib replied, " I am deaf, I can not listen to you."
He again asked, " Do you testify MUHAMMADﷺ is Allah's Prophet?"
Habib replied ."Yes"
Mussayllimah then stood with his sword raised.
Now tell who is Prophet of Allah?
Habib replied MUHAMMADﷺ is the last Prophet of Allah.

  • تاجدارِ ختمِ نبوتﷺ زندہ باد زندہ باد

Hazrat Umme Ammara said I had promised Allah that I would kill Mussalimah Kazzab myself.
She said I saw him standing amidst thousands of troops. I asked from the companions, where is the Mussaylimmah? They pointed at him.
While reaching him, I got more wounds of swords, spears, and arrows.
Blood was dripping down her, her arm was cut. She said when I reached there, I saw him(Mussaylimah) lying dead, and my son Abdullah was wiping Blood from his sword.
I felt in sajdah
o Allah, thanks to you that, the refused of Prophet finality is killed.

Hazrat Bibi Umm Amara (may Allah be pleased with her) used to say openly throughout her life that after this supplication of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) even the greatest misfortune in the world befalls me, I do not care about it.

  • Hazrat Bibi Safia

When the Blessed Prophet's uncle Hazrat Bibi Safia came to the body of his brother Hazrat Hamza, he ordered his son Hazrat Zubair not to take the body of his brother. Get to see Hazrat Bibi Safia (may Allah be pleased with her) said: I know everything about my brother, but I do not make any great sacrifice for him in the way of God. Then, with the permission of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), he went to the body. Went and saw this scene that my dear brother's ears, nose, eyes are all cut off, his stomach is cracked, his liver is chewed.

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