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Real Warrior Of Islamic History Tariq Bin Zayaad Burned Their Ships

  • Kashmiri daughters
Allah Almighty told the supremacies of the horses of Islam. When their hooves strike the stones, a spark emerges.
Lord says, "By the sparkes"
Those which get in the armies at dawns.
Lord swore on those horses. Today is not the day of horses, Today is the time of Ghouri Missile, Abdali Missile when Abdali Missile is Fired When Khalid tank will move  When fighter planes while showing their tricks and enter in India. Fear Allah and stand up for Kashmir.

Stand up and listen to the voice of  Kashmiri daughters. This time will pass, What will historian write That
        "Even after having an atom bomb, still 15000 girls, Their report says that 15000 Muslim girls kidnapped by Hindus."
Over the voice of One daughter, Muhammad Bin Qasim came. He was 16 years old. And he did not say after reading a letter that
Shall my country in danger?
Shall I (Imran Khan) wage a war?
Muhammad Bin Qasim put his ships into seas. Raja Dahar raises his hands towards a girl. That girl asked, " Where are the Muslims?"

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim

Muhammad Bin Qasim set off from Arab after reading the letter. He did not say I swage a war. Only Trump even if Trump's father comes.Even whole Kuffer united. Toward Kashmir then see the lions on mountains. Then see the spirits of the Aolia of Data Sahib. Spirit of Sultan ul Hind, Spirit of Shahab u deen Ghouri, the spirit of Altamash, Spirit of Alaudin Khiliji, Spirit of Sher Shah Suri, Spirit of Sultan Tipu Shaheed, Spirit of Tariq Bin Zyad, Spirit of Musa bin Nusyar, Spirit of Yousaf Bin Tashfeen. move towards Kashmir O lions.

If the daughters of Kashmir go to Prophet on the judgment day,  and say, O Prophet they had the atom bomb, still our honors were looted.
Iqbal said,
                 When Tariq Bin Zyad burned the ships, His whole army offended him and asked,
Where is written in Islamic Law to burn the ships?
Where is it written to finish the responsive?"
Tariq Bin Zyad laughed and said by raising their sword.
The whole land belongs to Allah.

  • Tariq bin Ziad 

Tariq bin Ziad bin Abdullah was the first conqueror of Spain and the first of Islam. He was one of the best soldiers in the world. Tariq bin Ziyad conquered the great Spain of Europe with a small army. And here he raised the knowledge of Islam.

The conquest of Spain and the establishment of an Islamic government here is a historic event that gave Europe a new insight into its political, economic, and cultural backwardness. And had an unforgettable effect on him.

Tariq ibn Ziyad was a pious, dutiful and courageous man. On the basis of his good character, he was respected by the people and the military. I started Muslim rule, known in Spanish history as Taric el Tuerto.

  • Spanish history

He is considered one of the most important military leaders in Spanish history. Tariq ibn Ziyad was educated under the tutelage of Musa ibn Nasir, a warrior, and a great general.

Tariq (may Allah have mercy on him) became famous in the art of sapphire and his bravery and military maneuvers began to be discussed. The Islamic Empire of Africa was threatened by the navy of Andalusia.

  • Musa bin Nasir

Initially, he was the deputy of Musa bin Nasir, the governor of the Umayyad province of Africa, who ordered Tariq to invade Spain at the request of the people who were tired of the tyranny of King Visigoth in Spain. Musa ibn Nasir, after reviewing the strength and defensive fortifications of the enemy, sent an army under the command of Tariq ibn Ziyad with an army of seven thousand (according to some twelve thousand) and sent him to conquer Spain.

On April 30, 711, Tariq's Islamic army landed on the coast of Spain and set foot near a mountain which was later called Gibraltar. It should be noted that Gibraltar is a corruption of the Arabic name of this region, Gibraltar. Tariq chose a safe place for war and on this occasion gave a very exciting sermon to his army and said that we have the enemy in front and the sea behind us.

Before the war, he ordered the burning of ships. So that if the Islamic army changes due to a large number of the enemy and thinks of retreat, there will be no way back.

In that case, the only way left was to either defeat the enemy or hand it over to Jan Afarin. It was such a great battle that it gained prominence from the great generals who came.

  • Emperor Roderick 

They marched with a small army of 7,000 and then on July 19, in the battle valley of Lakha, they faced the army of one lakh of the Visigoth ruler Lazrik and, in a great tale of bravery, defeated him in the worst in just eight days. In war, Emperor Roderick was killed or escaped without a trace. The battle was so decisive that the Spanish army could never unite and fight again.

Upon hearing the news of Tariq ibn Ziyad's victory, Musa ibn Nasir handed over the government to his son Abdullah and joined Tariq ibn Ziyad himself. The two together conquered many more territories. Occupied. Tariq was made the governor of Spain, but at the same time Caliph Walid bin Abdul Malik sent messengers and summoned them both to Damascus, thus ending the military life of Tariq bin Zayed.

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