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Pakistan is formed for " there is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet"

  • Tehreek Labbiak Ya Rasool Allah

 is working on a mission. The pain of our mission is being felt by
Trump and Modi, they should feel it.
But why our rulers worried?
Fear Allah, have some sense do not show arrogance and pretense, Either learn how to follow Islam or stop taking the name of Islam".
Your time is coming to an end now. ( Al-Quran)
He swt is the master of all secret strategies, only his order will rule.
Here greatest of Pharaohs died, the greatest of Shadaad. Namrood and Qaroon died. You got a rule of 2 days in Pakistan.
For 400 years. Pharaohs claimed to b god and he could not bear a single dive. Imran khan government not even ruled 1.5 years yet.
Those who say today We are also lovers of Prophet. They used to say in front of Imam Hussain R.A,,
we believe that you are Hussain R.A, Son of Ali R.A, but we are given a salary by Yazeed. That generation did not end. 

  • Do you get worried about our chanting of Labbaik?
We accept that Trump should be worried by this slogan, Modi should be worried. But what pain you have?
Your pain can not end until the Day of Judgement.
"Forever shall, his()   indestructible excellence be publicized".
There is forgiveness for sinners, not for traitors. For sinners, Prophets() will come and save them.
Prophet SAW said, " I will come out of the grave at first when the world is resented in front of Allah, that day  I SAW will be the leader."
Should a person betray Prophet SAW just for bread? Thinking that who would give him food?
He SAW will give food. He SAW loves his servants so much that He SAW himself gives them and then prays for their happiness."

Labbaik Labbaik Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah SAW.
im a citizen of pakistan.