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Jews,Chirstians ,thier friends will never agree with MUSLIM


  • Jews, Christians, their friends, and their close people will never agree with Muslims Until Muslims leave Islam. This is the verses of the Quran
    Why did the Norwegian pig burn the Quran?
    Is there any Muslim Country where Islam is being implemented?
    We want Islam to be practically implemented here.
    Then not only Norway, If any bad aye on this planet tried to look at Islam, but We will also screw Islam. Westerns have directed Muslims who say"We condemn the burning of Quran in Norway."
    This situation only was this, that when they prophetsﷺsketches. Muslim Ummah should have announced Jihad and torn the infidels into pieces. We would have sufficient power to tear those people into pieces.
    We talk about this Islam, which throws Abu Jahl down in Badar.

    • Hazrat Hassan R.A

     wrote this poem about Badar
    "There came a large Army Lord helped us a lot"
    We did not retreat on seeing their large army, instead, we move forward in the same way they were coming."
    "We went against them like the angry Lions of Jungle.
    There were many times our enemies burned the fire of battles. We did not move backward on seeing the fire, instead, we hugged that fire.
    We talk about this Islam, In which conquest of Makkah everyone was forgiven.
    Prophetﷺ said:
    Whoever will close his door, he will be forgiven.
    Whoever will enter in Abu Sufiyan house, we will forgive him."
    Whoever will enter in Hakeem Bin Nizaam House
    We will forgive him."
    Whoever will enter in Haram we will forgive him."

    • Blasphemer

    But Ibn Khatal, who slipped under the cover of Ka'aba forgiveness to everyone, but a blasphemer who slipped under the cover of Ka'aba.
    Blessed asked Prophetsﷺ now what we shall we do?
    Prophetsﷺ replied to kill him.
    On the conquest of Makkah at the point of Araj, even puppies remained alive.Prophetsﷺ told his companions to stand with the bitch until the whole carwan passes.
    Understand Islam, Preach Islam.
    im a citizen of pakistan.