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If There is any boldness,It is all because of Islamic True Scholars

  • Islamic Scholars

Those who have power do not make speeches, Speeches are done by peoples, from scholars. If now Kashmir is looted. Historian will write that Molvis were busy in making speeches on prophetsﷺ Honour. When Kashmir was in bad condition.

It is a fashion to talk against Islamic Scholars. Mostly Islamic Scholars are speaking for the right of Kashmir. If there is any boldness left, it is all because of Islamic scholars. Islamic Scholars want Jihad against India.

Talks of rulers are always decisive. Not a speech.
As lord has given you authorities, you will be accountable for it. Everybody will be held accountable as per his strength.

Daughters of Kashmir, Burma, Palestine, Gaza, if on the day of Resurrection they all go to Prophet ﷺ and then Allah, there is a big court that will be held. Then what will be the answer?
That "We were standing with them, but.." No problem will be solved by "But". If you want to free Kashmir from India war is the only solution.

  • Asghar Kazzab

If you (Liberals) have pain for the blasphemy against Prophetsﷺ Honour, Then hang all blasphemers locked in Pakistani jails.
Asghar Kazab who said" I am Prophet" is locked up in jail.80,000 rupees were found from his pocket and he was driving.
England says "Give him to us."
If you have the pain for Honour of the prophetﷺ then hang Asghar Kazaab first.
Siddique Akber R.A sacrificed 1200 companions, for the finality of Prophet ﷺ.
Whole Ummah together, cannot be equal to the dust of the feet of a single Companion.
They sacrificed everything.
Thousands of them were wounded.
Hang Asghar Kazzab on the gallow.
So, that people may say he implemented what he had said in the UN
Protect the honor
of Prophetﷺpractically.

Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan has a single motive,
Until We are alive,
We will be protectors of Honours and finality of Prophet ﷺand of Islam.
im a citizen of pakistan.