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Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi Views About Sindh Assembly

  • Mufti Qasim Fakhri
Mufti Qasim Fakhri talked in Sindh Assembly. Their PTI agents stood up. one who gets money from someone also sings his songs. Mufti Sahib came in assembly on Prophetﷺ name. He had to pay this debt. Thanks to Allah who saved our respects. That Mufti Sahib talked in assembly.
There all their agents stood u against him.
Did they feel this much pain in the matter of prophets ﷺHonour?
They are facing disgrace in this world then the grave is grave,
And judgment day is indeed a judgment day.
They flared u like they were given a 40000v current. While in the whole world blasphemies against prophet ﷺ are being done and they do not even know.

Here they recite the verses of " Rehmat Ullil Aalameen".Others also talking ill. Obviously, their Prime minister himself talks ill, then the minister also talks ill.

When Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique R.A was on the throne. Then even Hazrat Wahshi bin Harab, also waved his sword while going to  Yamama. He said:
                                                                                   "During my infidelity, I killed Ameer Hamza, now is the chance to pay it back.
That day I did not serve Islam, I was in the state of infidelity, Today is the chance, I will kill Musaylimah Kazzab."

Obviously, when the ruler was Siddique Akber R.A, Not only the horses of companions were running towards Yamama. Companions themselves were raising the swords and their horses were also running like fire.

Wahshi bin Harab used to say," If, on the resurrection day, Allah asked me that I killed Ameer Hamza.
I will say that O my Allah being an infidel I killed Ameer Hamza. But I also killed Musaylimah Kazzab when I accepted Islam.
King of Finality ProphetHoodﷺ Long Live Long Live Long live.

They started saying to Mufti Sahib, Are you taught this about Islam?
Yes, we are taught this Islam.
 When it comes to the matter of Prophet we are taught this Islam.

im a citizen of pakistan.